- Then gradually the number of feedings will decreaseAt first when you and your kid together work


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Title: Baby Следует дополнить
Description: Then gradually the number of feedings will decreaseAt first when you and your kid together work to provide allocation of the necessary amount of milk allow the child to suck whenever possible a breast when he will want and how many will wantWhen intake of milk becomes stable and at you with the child rhythm of life mutually arranging you though the frequent not limited sosaniye poprezhny will be preferable will be developed your child will start to recognize and other types of calm besides feeding see about a mode of chest feeding on pageCRACKS IN NIPPLES What to do if nipples cracked At the first signs of injury of nipples start to watch scrupulously correctness of your pose and how you give a breast lets to the child compress dummies instead of an okolososkovy circle One glass of the restored mix provides nearly of additional need of feeding mothers in the energy more than in the additional protein more than in fat and more than in carbohydrates and also of additional requirement for calciumExistence in a product Femilak a complex of the food substances capable to accelerate m radio nuclides from an organism and i nonspecific stability of the person to action of ionizing radiation calcium potassium iodine beta carotene food fibers allows to recommend it for application in areas with r an ecological situation first of allin the radiating relationPregnant women and feeding mothers oryr also to use and dairy drink with peach taste Enfa Mama let out by firm Mead Johnson which is specially intended for the correct development of the child FROM TO MONTHS IT IS A LOT OF MOVEMENTS Getting over on a ladder of development and having learned to creep and then at to rise the child at last approaches to one of the most exciting events to ability to goKeep a video camera in readiness You should participate in unforgettable representationClumsy and unimaginable first interesting movements and turns in process of an ascension of the kid on a development ladder will be gradually improvedDevelopment of impellent skills By months children perfect own style of crawlin it hundred the most effective convenient and highspeed In the second column total of traits of character and features of the child with a lump Total of traits of character and features of the child with a sign coincided in two columns a coincidence example the column I charmin the column II charmin etcAfter calculation of total of traits of character and a wasp of bennost of the child with a sign coincided in two columns it is necessary to calculate percent of the coincided traits of character and features of the childFor calculation of percent the proportion where about a neck quantity of traits of character and features of the child with the lump in the column I undertakes and total of traits of character and features of the child with a sign coincided in two columns for is made x Then they should reconsider a situationAttentionHook as Nicol received too much attention from that it was written she was ashamed also nervousnessInstead Christina and Whether should to be quiet and to ignore it when it was writtento be positive and to encourage it when it remained dryWhen Nikola it was describedTo Christina advised to speak nothing while it will quickly wipe and change clothes of itThere should be no communication or views in eyes that should let to Nikola know that do not involve any attentionWe fight against day misunderstandingIn order that Nikola had a positive relation to using a toilet mother took it with itself in shop and bought some cheerful and beautiful accessories a bathroom a toilet seat in style of the sea coast a beautiful towel for hands with the mermaid and a cheerful childrens bottle for liquid soap But as soon as the child will finally consult with the gait words will pour down the riverOn the average in months children say from to clear wordsDarlings are the words beginning with a sound woman the words beginning with a sound to pussycat the words beginning with a sound grandfather The first noThe kid can express refusal by the word no and others near ky on sense negative accords saying something like on ononWell and if you do not understand a hint he will prompt to you having negatively shaken the head or having pushed away your hand with medicine you choose commercial paid childbirth according to the arrangement with administration future parents can officially issue refusal of stimulation and anesthesia having assumed overall responsibility for consequences of this stepIn the same place stipulate also other details refusal of shaving of a pubis and a cleaning enema a request for applying of the child to a breast right after the birth about a delay of crossing of an umbilical cord etcthe personnel of maternity hospital works in shifts therefore there are no guarantees that the same doctor will be always engaged in you
H1: Site about babyСледует дополнить
H2: When intakeСледует дополнить

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